Bushido Martial Arts​


Traditional Shorin-Ryu Shorinkan Karate 

Terms and Conditions*

The Bushido Martial Arts Schools grants the student a membership subject to the following rights and restrictions:

Both parties agree that in the event of renewal or purchase of additional lessons this contract shall remain in force.

The student agrees that should he elect to cancel and terminate his rights to instruction as set out herein, he forfeits the ensure sum payable hereunder without

and right to rebate of refund.

The instructor denies any responsibility or liabilities for injuries occurring during any instructional classes or other use of the facilities, or equipment by the student

and the student acknowledges and accepts the same. The student acknowledges that this is an instructional course in which physical contact occurs which could result in injury and further warrants that he has no medical condition that prohibits his participation. Permission is given to staff of the school to contact emergency services if necessary.

The student agrees that the school has the right to terminate this contract without refund if the school determines that the behavior of the student interferes with the safety and rights of other members of said school.

The student releases Bushido Martial Arts Schools, the training facility and instructors of and from all claims, demands, damages, actions or causes of action arising for any reason from the instructional course and from all claims or demands in law or in equity which he, his heirs, executors or assigns shall have against the school.

The student hereby acknowledges that they have carefully read this waiver and release, and fully understands that this is a release of liability of Bushido Martial Arts Schools and agrees that such a waiver and release is reasonable and proper based of the nature of the training the student will receive.

I authorize Bushido Martial Arts to take pictures and occasionally post them to the club website.

References to student, at all times includes; all genders and parts/legal guardians if student is under legal age.